Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun Forest Abenteuer Park Kandel, May 2013

Sarah, Lisa and Alex before the climb

Sweet cousins before

Em testing out her equipment

Niko just being cute

Zai and Niko

Sarah and Em ♥

Em Climbing

Joe flying

Joe getting a little tangled

Lisa flying

Lisa and Joe clipping in

Yup, that is me way up there, this was no where near the highest either. 

Another one of Mama (me), just hanging out waiting for the others.  Somehow I was chosen to go first, kinda lab-rat like.

Me flying, whee!

Mama tightrope walking

Niko on the bobbycar

Niko climbing

Sarah was a little tired after the climb and decided for a quick break in the mud,oops!

Sarah climbing

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Strand Bar, visit 2

I think Emma loved the strand bar as much as the adults!

Keenan enjoyed mama's phone and the hammock

And these little toes amaze me.  Hard to believe he is growing up so fast and all too soon his baby ways will give way to boyish ways.  I am cherishing moments like these just to appreciate the ways in which he still is little.  I will miss these moments dearly. 

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Technikmuseum Speyer, May 2013

Opa Horst, Joe and the kids
The absolute scariest rides ever!  The boat wasn't as bad, but as I mom I would NEVER let my kids ride these again!

The cars were pretty awesome tough!! :)

Checking out a lot of old cars, trains and planes! Oh and a submarine or two...

The tallest, scariest slide I have ever seen. 

There was even a portion of the Berlin wall on display.

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Tripsdrill, May 2013

Keenan loved the cars!!  A very happy birthday boy!

Em was a fan of th boat that sprayed water!

My new favorite picture of Oma Inge

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