Thursday, May 30, 2013

Christmas with the Pettapeice- Grabiec Clan

Grandpa Bob and Emma
Ethan, the toothless wonder :)

Em and Keenan getting ready to attack the gingerbread house

All four before the gingerbread attack, hmmmm, I wonder if Ethan is at all distracted by all the sugar in front of him?? ;-)

Alex and Ethan

Alex and his new watch

One of these guys things riding together is a great idea...

Bigger cousin are so helpful!

Ethan testing his Jedi mind powers, or something like that :)

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Celebrating with friends

How to keep three 2 and unders entertained? Set the in front of a window. :)
Emma not so interested in the happens outside

Chelsea and Oli

Sarah and Elias

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christmas with Auntie Shell and Uncle Paul

Dressing up Auntie Shell's dogs is so much fun!
Although Sully doesn't look too amused...

Auntie Shell and Emmie ready for a little raclette!

Emma loved the new outfit for her doll

K-man digging his new construction fork

Uncle Paul has the BEST faces!!

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2012 Christmas

Emma with her stocking
and Keenan with his
Em show off the PJs she got on Christmas Eve
Em and Keenan Christmas morning
Emma very happy with her Lego Friends Present
Keenan very happy with his ramp
Christmas morning chocolate, yummy
Adding a little sugar to boost the weary
Grandma Sandy and Emma ready for breakfast on Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning Breakfast Club

Grandpa Howe and Sheshe came a bit later in the day

Time for Gluehwein
Christmas Cutie! :)

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Howe Family Christmas 2012

Grandpa. Sheshe, Mama, Em and Keenan

Aunt Dee and Grandpa Howe
The littlest members of the Howe Clan

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2012 School Holiday Party

Emma and Ava

Lizzie and Em

Em showing off her snacks

Rowan turned into a snowman by Emma and Morgan, fun game!!

And if anyone ever wonders why teachers or parent volunteers are tired after these parties... here is a glimpse why ;-)

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Christmas Train, 2012

Em showing off her new train necklace
Mama and Keenan riding the rails
Em and Grandma Sandy along for the ride too (as was Papa!)

Em posing in front of the trains

Keenan and Em chatting to Santa
Meeting the conductor
Keenan and the conductor

Waving to everyone a we passed by

Ready to board
Once we arrived at Santa's Village there were lots of rides for the kids, what fun!!
So cute, but darn that red eye stuff!
Quickest slide this side of the North Pole!

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