Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Pictures from the Oktoberfest side of the Harvest of the Arts Festival
LOL, would love to know what you are thinking in the 2nd one MA! :)


Harvest of the Arts
I love the small town feel of this festival! Small enough to do in a few hours, plenty of fun and best yet, all the kids activities are free! :)


Harvest of the Arts Fun
Emma had fun helping me make a pin which she is proudly displaying in the 1st picture. She totally begged to wear it to school this morning! :). She also had lots of fun when she got her face painted, cuddled the bunnies and rode the miniature horse (even though she said she would much rather have been on Bonnie, perhaps because then she would have been in control?? :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, I am aware of the Back to Sleep campaign... What's a girl to do when he insists on rolling over and sleeping on his belly?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Guess who starting sitting up a few days before labor day ??
Yes, Keenan began sitting up just a few days before he turned 4 mths. He is still a bit wobblily but he can sit for a good 20 or 30 seconds on his on now, even with his sister leaning on him! :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Emma's 1st (real) day of 1st Grade!!
I can't believe my baby girl is already a big 1st grader!!! Although she was a little tired when she arrived home, I think she had a great first day!


Emma's (sort of) 1st day of 1st grade
The 1st graders only came to school for an hour the first day. It was geared towards making the kids comfortable and getting use to their new school. Emma finally got to meet her new teacher as well! Afterward, we celebrated with Grandma Sandy in tea party fashion! :)


The Dune Ride!
As always, the dune ride is a lot of fun! That is when you actually get to ride... this weekend was "their busiest weekend" and of course the "busiest day" of the season. So we entertained ourselves in the little shop for a while too. Once on the dune ride we had great weather and great views! What fun!!

Hanging out with Family
We had a great long weekend up at the lake house. We enjoyed celebrating Grandpa Byron's birthday with him, as well as just kicking back and enjoying a little (much needed) chillaxing!

Enjoying the Farm Market Up North
Emma had a great time petting and feeding the animals, jumping on the giant pillow, bumping down the slide with Papa and driving the little cars. A perfect afternoon for the chillier weather we had that day!


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