Friday, October 26, 2012

using the cutest models in town ♥

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Since Alex and Ethan have Jan. b-days the last few years we have celebrated during their summer visit.  I think Alex really enjoyed his present this year! :)

Ethan LOVED the trampoline! :)

Ethan and Keenan stopping for a drink

Keenan being a cutie

Ethan taught me well, I can drink from the slip and slide all by myself now! :)

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Finally posting for my non-facebook family!   Emma did such a great job!  We are so proud of her and her dedication to riding!  Way to go Emmie!!
Emma and Keenan with her Champion Ribbons

Emma and Maggie in the ring

A couple of cuties!!

Emma and her trainer , Pam, studying the course

Emma, Maggie and Pam

Lots of ribbons!

Such a pretty smile ♥

Aww, more cuteness!

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Emma loved the gardens

and the stilts

and the learning

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Emma and Grandma Mary Ann ♥

Keenan ready to celebrate

And let the ice cream fun begin!

Grandma opening her present from Emma

Cheers! We love you lots!!

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Uncle Kevin, Aunt Lori, Ethan and Alex came for a quick visit to Silver Lake.  
We had a fun day of paddling, swimming and lots of dune running! 
Uncle Kevin and Keean reading together.  Doesn't matter how long it is been, Keenan just cuddles right up to him! ♥ So cute!

What a crew of the channel between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake!

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Emma being silly
Emma and Keenan playing in their clubhouse, aka the deck box :)

Keenan and the tickle monster Papa

Keenan and Aunt Kim as the tickle monster!

Keenan had a ball being tickled!

Liam and Aunt Erin reading Thomas together. ♥

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