Saturday, March 31, 2012

Emma and Maddie back together again!
As I was reviewing the pictures from our trip to California I fell in love with a few photos of the girls together; not because they were great photographs per-say, more because of the moments they captured. Em and Maddie have been best buds since they were tiny babies. As they have gotten older they have had less opportunity to hang out since they attended different schools; but no matter how much time had past since they had their last play date, they always had a ball. As of Jan, their opportunities to play together dwindled even further when Maddie and her family moved to CA. And while we are happy for them and the great opportunity it presents for their family, we miss them lots back here in A2.
So, we decided a visit was in order! It was fun to watch the girls interact with each other on our trip to CA. They played nonstop for 4 days! The only breakdown was when it was time for us to leave (a record for Emma!). Meg and I chuckled as the girls posed in front of the Las Vegas lego display, maybe in 20 years we will see an older version of the girls posing in the real location. Who knows, stranger things have happened. :) For now, it was fun just to watch their special friendship continue to grow.

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The Girls at Legoland CA
Emma and Maddie enjoyed quite a few of the rides and attractions at Legoland. of course, Emma loved the roller coasters and especially getting her face painted! :)

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The Little Ones at Legoland
Keenan and his little friend Izzy spent most of the time at Legoland hanging out and watching the world whiz by (both of them seemed content to do so!). Keenan did get a chance to walk around a bit and ride the boat ride. He was pleased. :)

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Keenan hanging out at his new favorite play space,
My Urban Toddler

If you live in the A2 area and have a wee one, I love this place, as does Keenan. :)


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hanging at Downtown Disney before heading home...
With just a few hours left to soak in all things Disney we headed to Downtown Disney before flying home. We had fun posing in front of the newest Lego creations at the Lego store (wow, impressive!), eating a yummy Babycakes treat (so good!), checking out the Disney wares (have I won the mega-millions yet?) and one of us was lucky enough to catch a nap (Darn it all, it wasn't me!). :)

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Grandpa Howe at Epcot
Gramps is modeling the newest fashions at Epcot; Princess Crowns Minnie Pearl style, in addition there was also the chance to model the exclusive Figment Ears. :) He wears them well.

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Keenan enjoying day 2 at Magic Kingdom!
He really got into the characters today! He was especially excited to see his favorite Mickey Mouse!! :)

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Day 2 At the Magic Kingdom :)
The highlight for Keenan was the Choochoo train! :) Emma and Alex liked it too, but had a chance to enjoy lots more rides too!

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