Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tante Traudel's Birthday! Ketsch, Germany

Lisa, Sarah and Emma all ready go!
All 4 cousins :)
The birthday girl, Tante, playing with K-man
Keenan hanging out with his best bud in Germany, Heiko

Emma and Sinja having a good time together!

3 Beautiful Girls!
Sarah and Lisa

Tante Sandra and Keenan

The soon-to-be-wed pair :)

Tante Roswitha and Keenan

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Germany; Arrival Day = Soccer in PJs

A beautiful fall day, and a beautiful boy
Soccer in PJs, is there anything better? ;-)

Getting a little help from big sis, Em

Score :)

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Keenan with his lantern
Emma and her lantern

Man it was cold!!

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Granny's Birthday

Em helping decorate the cake

Granny and Em

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The cutest Mickey and Minnie I have ever seen!! ♥
Such a sweet big sister!
Amazed they are both looking at the camera at the same time!!  Love when that happens!
Keenan checking out his Halloween loot. 
Emma looking absolutely beautiful! Love her smile!
Em with her buddy Lizzie
Trick-or-treating with the Red Angry Bird, aka Melanie :)

Halloween Dinner!

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Liberty Hallowen Party

Keenan loved the balance ball drums :)
And the scooters
And the cute little bag of cut apples.  I think ate 3 or 4 of those little baggies :)

Emma loved the boo camp (aka boot camp).  She even loved push ups on the BOSU. 
And she was a pro at jump ups!

The Pirate Race was pretty cool too!!

Paddle Emmers!

Woohoo! Treasure found!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lars and Lexi's Halloween Party

They make a darn cute Mickey and Minnie!
Waiting to head inside

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Big and Little Minnie, little is much more cute!

The whole mouse family

Cheese from my sweet mouse

Big Mickey and Little Minnie

Keenan had fun playing with all of Oscar's toys!

Love this little face!

In all the years I have known Guido, I think the was the first time I have ever seen him dance! :)

Antje was down right scary!  Well done!

Guido, Sarah and Elias show off their outfits from the wedding they attended in Iraq 


Lilii and Kyoko

Jil aka Pippi

Oscar, the cutest shark around

There is something really funny about Lilli dressing as a jolly pumpkin and Xaver as a skeleton...

Mama Erin and Mama Lexi, picture taking credits go to Emma

Papa Joe, Oscar and Lexi, an attempt to take the picture through the spider web...

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