Monday, November 12, 2012

Lisa, Mary Ann and I had an awesome experience flying at Michigan Adventure.  Although Mary Ann wasn't sure at first, she was brave and I think really enjoyed it (Lisa and I did for sure!)
Up in the clouds

Sarah got some fun shots!

Flying over the crowd, Mary Ann still not ready to let go :) 

Yup, that little black spot at the top is were we started :)

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What would a visit to Silver lake be without a trip on the Mac Dune Rides? Less fun for sure!  :)  
All the cuties gathered together in front of the lake and THEY ARE ALL LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!  Woohoo!
Sweet smiles from Em

Testing out the big chair

Papa, aka Onkel Joe, hanging out with the crew

And whole crew ready to ride again

Walking to Mac's

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Our three beautiful girls!
Hi MA and B!
Capture for Heiko, he would have had so much fun here! :)

Em testing out the sandboard

More sandboarding

Papa Joe gets in on the action

As did Grandma

Lisa sporting Em's sunglasses

Love this picture of Mary Ann and Sammy.  Taking in all the beauty of the Lake Michigan coastline.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

We had a GREAT day on the lake.  Emma went tubing for the first time, as did Sarah and Lisa.  Joe and I took a whirl too.  What fun!  As usual, Em was fearless and loved every minutes of it!  Pretty sure Sarah and Lisa had a blast too!  I know I did!  Keenan, Grandma and Grandpa played on the dunes with the trucks, hopefully they enjoyed themselves too! :)

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After Emma's lesson, Sarah and Lisa both worked up the nerve to finally got on Maggie.  It was so cute to see the big girls nervous, while their 8 year old cousin casually lead them around the ring.   Woohoo!

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We had a great time with our nieces!  So glad they visited!  We took some time to visit Grandma Sandy at her lake house.  A little sunning, a little paddling and even a little swimming.  Fun times!

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

This time we invited Chelsea and her German grandparent to join us.  We had a lot of fun and Emma was a great help translating as needed (like when she was in the model t car with them alone, since K and I had to take the next car,  and translated Chelsea's Opa's questions to their driver).  She really is amazing how quickly she can switch back and forth between her two languages.   So proud of her! We enjoyed meeting Chelsea's grandparents and hope they enjoyed their tour of Greenfield Village.  

Enjoying a little ride on the horse drawn carriage

Trying on the hats, a Greenfield Village tradition!
Hugs with her grandma
Chelsea enjoying the day

Waiting for the train
A couple of cuties!

Em on the train

K-man and I on the model T

And I had to save the best for last!  Loved this shot!!

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