Friday, April 27, 2012

Alex, Aunt Lori, Keenan and I headed to the Greenville zoo.  It was the perfect size for the younger crowd.  Not too big, but enough to interest them.  The highlight was definitely being able to feed the giraffes.  Not many of the crackers we bought made it to the giraffes, but it was fun to try anyway! 
Keenan and the other little lion in the zoo

Throwing crackers for the giraffes

Looks like one actually landed close enough for him to eat!

Fun to watch!

Checking out the gardens

Petting the goats
The tortoise was very cool!

K not quite sure what to think of the elephants

Keenan had a blast at the zoo playground!

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What a beautiful park!! The boys sure enjoyed the time to run around and play (while Mama quietly had a heart attack hoping Keenan didn't fall of the edge, thank goodness for kind strangers!).
Aunt Lori, K-man and I
Uncle Kevin, Aunt Lori, Alex and Ethan's arms and legs :)

The falls :)

Full raised circle to run in, of course unless you get too close to the edge...

E joins in the game

The flowers were amazing too!

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Greenville has a fun Mouse hunt in the downtown area.  Ethan was the lead mouse hunter, with Alex close at his heels!  Keenan on the other hand, showed his vegetarian upbringing and quietly sat back and watched the older boys hunt. It was a beautiful day for a fun-filled mouse hunt walk.  
Ethan finds the 1st mouse both on the street and in the book :)

Look Keenan, right here!!  Do you see it??  Here!

One, two, three jump! Alex practicing his mouse pouncing skills!

Ethan found the pirate mouse! 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What the Littler Crew wanted to do...

Alex and Keenan enjoyed the first inning of the baseball game, but then it was off to the playground for us!  They had a good time exploring and swinging together. 
Keenan being cute on the swings

Alex being cute on the slide

Ahoy Matey! 

Alex so very proud he could make it up the wiggly swinging bridge

K-man looking a little tired after his big night of very little sleep!

So cute!!  After the game A and K held fingers! ♥

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Ethan's 1st Baseball Game!

It was so fun to be able to watch Ethan play his first game.  With my nephews living so far away now, it seems like we miss a lot of this type of stuff.  He did great and so did his dad (aka Uncle Kevin) who is their coach!  Go Owls!! :)

Ethan and his buddy, Tate

Uncle Kevin giving the Owls a pep talk

Ethan and his Dad, Coach Kevin

Swing Batter!  Amazing!  He hit it on his 1st try!!

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My 2 cuties
just reading together

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Annual Kwierant Easter Egg Hunt! (AKA the best ever egg hunt)
I love the picture of Em in the tree and the picture of Keenan chatting with the big boys. ♥

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