Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alex, Emma and Keenan, Germany Nov 2012

My Girls, one biological daughter and one "host" daughter

Big Sis, Alex with the two little lions

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Dinner out with Opa Horst in Speyer

Keenan's favorite part was blowing out he candle over and over and over and over and over...
Em cuddling her baby brother ♥

Opa Horst and Monika

Heiko and Tante Sandra

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Weihnachtsmarkts eins, zwei, drei; Nov 2012

Mama and Keenan riding the Carousel at the Heidelberg Christmas Market
Emma testing out he rocking boat on the carousel

Riding the kiddie train

Emma and Tante Sandra ♥

Oma Inge trying a new hat
Papa and Oma
Opa, Oma and a very tired Keenan
The pyramid looks so lovely, especially at night
The whole crazy crew braving the rain

Mama and Lilli at the Christmas market in Baden Baden

Keenan liked his balloon dog from the Speyer Christmas market

and Emma liked her heart balloon!

The best was the fire truck though!
Alex joined us for the Christmas Market in Speyer!

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Riding the Rails with Oma, Nov. 2012

Disneyland Paris, part 3; Nov, 2012

Emma posing in front of the Toonstudio
Keenan loved the Parachute drop

and the Slinky-dog ride

Em posing again, this time in front of Adentureland

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Disneyland Paris, part 2; Nov, 2012

One of my favorite shots from the whole day!!  Em just loves Disney!

Being silly with Dale

Keenan LOVES the Cars ride!! So cute!

Entering TOY Story

Such fun lights!

We kept saying Liam would LOVE this!!
Slinky Ride

Hanging out in the Walt Disney Studios

Heading into Disney Studios; Em was excited she was tall enough in Paris to ride the Rocking roller-coaster!!  It was her favorite ride!! Mama and Papa's too! :)

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DisneyLand Paris, Nov 2012

At the entrance to Disneyland Paris
Celebrating the 20th year in Paris!

Aurora's Castle

Inside of of Aurora's Castle

My two silly guys looking cold!!

Em as the Mad Hatter
Keenan as the Mad Hatter

Checking out the Queen of Heart's castle

Em peaking from the Queen's Castle

Mickey and Minnie on Parade

Em trying to pry the sword from the stone! 

Loved the Christmas decorations, so festive!

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