Sunday, June 23, 2013

Posing with the Disney Crew

Buzz, Em and Keekee

Buzz, Grandma MA and Grandpa B

Daisy, Em, Keenan and Joe

Donald, Em and K-man

Goofy, Emma and Keenan

Goofy #1 and #2; Keenan Loved tickling the characters!  He had so much fun he wouldn't even look at the cameras!

Not sure why Keenan was growling at Poor Eeyore.  Most of the time time he was too busy checking out his toes or reading his Thomas book to be bothered for a picture!

Piglet gets a smile!

And Pooh Bear too!

Tigger and Emma

Tigger tickling Keenan, the tables were turned :)

Marie, Em and a cute little tickling monster



And Keenan cracking up at how fun tickling the characters was!  Who knew it was that much fun?!?! :)

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