Sunday, June 23, 2013

Magic Kingdom, Jan. 2013

Emma waiting for the gates to open! :)
Family shot in front of the castle! Let the fun begin!
Buzz Lightyear Ride
Em and Gram on the new Dumbo ride!
Keenan and Emma cheesing it up on the new Dumbo photo spot

Crazy drivers!!

A sweet quiet moment for Grandma and Grandpa (quite possibly the best moment for Grandpa B!)

On the new Little mermaid ride

Flying carpets!

More flying carpets

Yay, the barnstormer was re-opened!!

While Keenan liked it, he didn't immediately love it as Emma did.

Slowing it down and letting the tired dogs rest!

Slow, but so enjoyable after a day on one's feet

Disney Train!

And Emma's new favorite Space Mt!!

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