Monday, June 11, 2012

Thanks to our many friends and family for helping make Keenan's 2nd birthday extra special! ♥
Emma and Bibi 
Keenan's godfather, Xaver, was in from Germany and was a great sport!  Not only did he don a Mickey birthday cap, Emma even managed to get him to play the Mickey "Let's dance" wii game.  The first time (and probably the last time) I have EVER seen Xaver dance! :) Patrick and Papa did a little dancing too! :) What fun!
Aunt Lori, all the way from SC! :)
Grandma Sandy cuddling Tucker after all her hard work helping us get ready!

Uncle Paul with his furry baby

Christine had fun with the bubbles :)

Dave and Joe doing what they do best... ;-)

Auntie Shell brought her dog clan with her from Chicago.  Her 2 newest pups were a hit at the party. 

Lars had his go on the let's dance game too :)
Oscar totally into the Mickey light!
Baby Oscar such a super star!

A little jumping fun; Emma with Ben, Melanie and Noah
And more jumping with Keenan, Aidan and Alex too!

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